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We have spent countless hours creating, shaping, and fine-tuning music based projects for clients large and small.


Whether you are an MNC looking for your next audio branding campaign, or an artist looking to craft your next masterpiece, see what we have to offer.


Noivil Studios is committed to giving you the best recording possible, and we've procured some of the best equipment to help you achieve your sound.


Alongside our state-of-the-art studio rooms, microphones and outboard gear, we've amassed a collection of rare heritage gear from Singapore's leading producers and studio owners. Solo Acoustic, Voice Overs, Bands, Choirs, let us know what you need.

mix & master

Our experienced team has worked with clients to put their music out on platforms ranging from radio, digital platforms, TV and live performances.


We help you get the right balance and make sure you are heard, LOUD & CLEAR, wherever, whenever.



Sometimes you just need a space:

Our iconic space makes for a stunning yet flexible location for a variety of filming needs. We’ve worked with productions of all sizes on music videos, commercials, films, TV, and still photography shoots, and are happy to coordinate with your locations manager or producer to ensure your project run as smoothly as possible.



Check out our education branch - Noise Village - where we offer production and mixing classes for all levels. 


Learn from experienced industry professionals.

Mix & Master
Room Rental
Production & Arrangement
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