Noivil Studios exists to inspire and empower people to tell their message through music. We believe in staying true ourselves, honouring those who do not conform and empowering people to follow their hearts and souls. We created this studio so that you and your team can make music in a space where you can be true to yourselves.


Born to a musical and business-savy family, Tabitha was trained extensively in both the creative & academic realm. Having lived and worked in the US & UK in her formative years, she brings a wealth of experience and cultural understanding to the table.


Tabitha weaves beautiful fantasy scenes in her music, blending the nostalgia of Japanese games with visceral cyberpunk soundscapes. Her focus on electronic & synth-based production and background in 21st century classical music has led to her working on many exciting and diverse projects, ranging from pop, to metal, to epic fantasy music for artistes & corporates alike.


Producer / Composer / Founder

Dale is too damn busy to write his bio so all I can tell you is that he's recorded world-famous artistes like Alessia Cara all the way to foley for a toilet ad.


As an ESFJ, he is a detailed recordist and mix engineer, but will scream for/at you if you require a hype-man during your recording sessions. To book Dale, drop your message in the "Contact Us" page as he is notoriously bad at checking his text messages.



Producer / Mix Engineer / Recording Engineer


From working the front of a stage to producing in the studio, this multi-hyphenate producer has a rare talent in being able to switch genres, all whilst producing at the highest quality and illuminating the talents he works with. Shaykh, otherwise known as shaykhandbake, is a music producer and session guitarist based in Singapore, a graduate of the Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore.

He has produced genres spanning from punk rock to pop, hip hop and R&B music, bringing a signature production style rooted in electronic production to each project and artist collaboration. This transcendence has enabled him to work with Asia’s leading acts from Warner Music to Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music. To date, shaykhandbake has toured the region with both local and global acts, and also produced in Los Angeles.


Producer / Mix Engineer / Recording Engineer

Roo has been working as a guest music producer in schools in Singapore for the past 4 years and has developed huge list of clients in and out of schools. As an active and respected member of the international music community for well over 20 years, Roo’s contact book is second to none.


His creation of the world’s first successful fan funded record label put him on the global map, leading on to roles in publishing, producing, creation of technology, and has ensured that his industry knowledge is second to none. Roo is signed to Sony ATV and to Universal publishing, has two commercial album releases, with many more production music releases to his name. He is currently the head of Prolific Sounds Asia.


Job Role

Staring with just a laptop, camera and lens, Dusk began his videography journey with no prior education in the art of film.


Through a multitude of Youtube tutorials and opportunities to shoot for local artistes and companies, Dusk quickly adapted and assimilated into the local video industry.


After just two years, he is now known in the industry for his reliable, stable camera operation skills and keen attention to detail. His videos are iconic for its high colour contrast and vibrant character. Dusk also manages NOIVIL Studio's administrative matters and ensures smooth behind-the-scenes operations.


Job Role

An unduly inquisitive creature, Raywyn Zayne started out in 2014 as a Live Sound Engineer who was introduced to the art of Mastering while enrolled in Audio Production at LASALLE College of the Arts.


Since then, Raywyn has devoted his time to the ever-evolving, ever-changing art-form. Being a versatile engineer, his works span across genres, including hardcore punk, praise and worship, electronic pop, classical works, and more.


Job Role

Josias has partnered with Noivil since it's inception on its various projects, assisting in producing, editing, recording, and mixing. Working alongside artists like Dnl, Woes, Suneater, Fireplace Worship, Test the Divide, he is able to be versatile and adept to ensure the best product reaches the ears of it's listeners.


Josias has been working in the music industry for the past 5 years, and has also been releasing music of his own under the name 'Unknown Anima'. Be it Metal, Pop, R&B, or Jazz, he is a hardworking member of the Noivil family that guarantees to be a pleasure to work with.


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Christopher Johann Clarke Shirui is a Singaporean computer music composer-performer-researcher with a Masters in Music Composition from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS. Having worked as a recording and mixing professional for over 10 years (as well as learning it at a university level), audio engineering and studio/live-sound acoustics are second nature to Christopher.


Having a deep interest for early music since he was young, Christopher can also be occasionally sighted playing the theorbo with early music groups around Singapore – a form of professional enjoyment that contrasts the many commitments Christopher has; He is also a lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, teaching modules ranging from acoustical science to computing in music.

CHRIS clarke

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