Tabitha Boon

CEO, Composer, Arranger

Composer, arranger, producer, entrepreneur - these are some of the main roles Tabitha has in her musical career. The foundation for her musical career started at a young age when her entrepreneurial parents took a leap of faith and taught her both music and business. After getting her first degree in Political science and Economics while in the United States (McL, Boston University), she furthered her musical technique at the Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore, adding a B(A) First Class in Music Composition to her belt.

Immediately after graduating from Lasalle in 2017, Tabitha founded Noivil Studios with a group of like-minded, driven and talented musicians-cum-engineers. Her focus on crossover genres has led to her work on many exciting and diverse projects from playing with iNCH Chua on 'My Squad is Better Than Yours' to writing electronic-classical avant garde music (Imperator Furiosa, Tabitha Boon 2017) and composing and performing original scores for theater works (Water Station 2016, dir. Elizabeth de Souza). Tabitha is also a guitarist in the progressive metal band Test The Divide, who have been making waves since they debuted in early 2017. 

Tabitha is working towards building a culture of bold creativity and forging authentic, empowering relationships between people.

Shaykh Akbar

Musician, Sound Designer, Producer

With experience in music production and sound design, Singaporean Musician, Shaykh Akbar, is best known for his contribution as a guitarist to local Pop/Rock band, The Summer State.


Starting in 2010, Shaykh began his music career in LASALLE College Of The Arts, where the band, The Summer State was formed. In 2011, the band’s debut EP reached #1 in the iTunes Rock Charts, and The Summer State has since played in reputable music festivals around South East Asia.


Shaykh has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Electronic Music in year 2016 and has been delving deeper into Production and Sound Design. Some of his notable collaborations include a studio project EP with Electronic Musician, Fauxe under the moniker ‘Shaky Wrists’.


He was also involved in collaborations with other diverse acts, such as, Disco Hue, Intriguant & Ffion. Shaykh’s other passions also involve film photography, where he captures portraits of musicians from all around the world.

Dale Isaac Low

COO, Producer, Mix Engineer

Producer, engineer, composer, and guitarist; Dale has worked with award-winning Composer-Singer Shabir, and recorded 4-time Grammy nominated pop artist Alessia Cara, among other projects. 


Starting at the age of 13, he picked up the guitar under virtual tutelage of John Petrucci via "Rock Disciplines" and metal heavyweights of the 90s, 2000s and continued to perform weekly for the next 15 years of his life. With a keen ear forged from years of playing with analogue pedals, amps and more. Recording and mix engineering were a natural fit for Dale.


A meticulous and detailed person, Dale concerns himself with the 'Why?' and the deeper truths behind our creativity and inspiration.


3 Gambas Cres #08-06 (S)757088

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